Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Now that I've finished uni, I have decided to repurpose this blog into something that can form a part of my portfolio, as well as a place for me to discuss games and the industry and maybe a bit of gaming banter on the side. So here we go, time for an introduction for me and this Blog.

As it states in the Bio, I am a 23 year old Games Design graduate (University of Central Lancashire) looking to break my way into the Industry; working on a portfolio, applying for the jobs and now blogging, all whilst working at a local Hotel/Restaurant. I am from and currently living near Louth, Lincolnshire.

My hope is that this blog will act in a supporting role with my portfolio, and I will be updating this blog with mostly gaming related posts, such as reviews, my opinion on recent industry news and my gaming exploits, and perhaps the odd post about some of my other interests. Look out for the odd Music and Football posts that may appear from time to time as these may be the most likely things I will discuss other than games.

My gaming history is reasonably varied, starting on the NES and SNES, moving onto PlayStation 1 & 2, and currently own Xbox 360 and PC where I terrorize FPS (First Person Shooter) players with my formerly unique playing style of Stealth Shotgun (hence the blog title), although this is actually a small part of my range of genres, and I can often be found playing Strategy, Simulation, RPG (Role Playing Games), Action/Adventure and Sports games amongst others.

Anyway, I think I've got everything that needs covering. I hope to update this fairly regularly (depending on varying weekly work hours and portfolio progress), although traditionally blogging is not my thing, but I will see how this goes.

I hope this will be fairly successful and welcome whatever future comments on my blogs and work that you may have.

Si (Skelitor77)

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